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  • The game is developed by only 1 person.
  • Temporary name: 'Live Lives: Chapter 1 DEMO'
  • Temporary chapter 1 title: 'Deliver and Help'
  • Note: Some contents such as videos, unfinished/temporary maps, placeholder pictures, temporary chapter title, temporary graphics and so on, will be altered in the full version of the game.
  • Donations are highly and gladly appreciated! You guys help me work on the full version of this storytelling video game quicker. I promise you! Thank you so much, people! >~<
  • Game description
    • An RPG (game) with narrative of lives. There are two boys, Rythe and Yar with their high spirit, find some hidden things, for instance, innovative philosophy and something like that. They, too help people to accomplish their goal easier. The way they do it is to go from point A to point B (and so on) with some different choices that will affect your result. The better way you help, the better result you receive. For more information, visit the main website of the game below.
    • Game Tip: Talk to the Trucker again after completing his main quest to get an errand and a side quest!
    • Controls
      • Up = Up arrow key
      • Down = Down arrow key
      • Left = Left arrow key
      • Right = Right arrow key
      • Menu = X or ESC
      • Confirm = Z or Enter
      • Cancel = X or ESC
      • Run/Dash = LShift or RShift
      • F5 = Toggle full screen
      • F6 = Change aspect ratio
      • F12 = Reset



Download NowName your own price

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Live Lives (No RTP).exe 106 MB
Live Lives (With RTP).exe 293 MB

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Hi! Since I don't know how else I can reach out to you. I just wanted to let you know, that unfortunately we had to remove your game from the Peace game jam, since it was only for the projects made at the local jam in berlin. Thanks!

It's OK. I thought your game jam was open for all people in the world.